February 23, 2018

J.B. Hutto & the New Hawks Unreleased Album 1982-1984

Unreleased Album  

J.B. Hutto (April 26, 1926 – June 12, 1983) was an American blues musician. Hutto was influenced by Elmore James, and became known for his slide guitar work and declamatory style of singing. He was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame two years after his death.
His nephew is Lil' Ed Williams (of Lil' Ed  & the Blues Imperials).

Recorded for Baron Records.
None of these tracks have ever been released. 
Enjoy this truly real collector dream here and sound is perfect! 

01. Sweet Young Thing
02. unknown
03. Recycled Woman
04. Hide & Seek (live)
05. Instrumental
06. unknown
07. Whas the Matter with the Mill (live)
08. unknown



February 21, 2018

Santana - The Palladium, New York 1978

Top sound for this Santana show at The Palladium in New York City.
It's a 53 minute segment that was broadcast on American radio KSAN.

Sound Quality: 9.5+

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 Zulu
02 Jugando
03 I'll Be Waiting
04 Evil Ways
05 Europa
06 Batuka
07 No One To Depend On
08 Marathon
09 She's Not There
10 Toussaint L' Overture
11 Oneness
12 Transcendance


February 19, 2018

Jeff Beck Group BBC Sessions 1967/68

Jeff Beck 

with Rod Stewart & R. Wood:  
BBC Compilation-March 1967-Sept. 1968



Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Mickey Waller, Dave Ambrose: March 7, 1967 - 'Saturday Club' London, England BBC Radio off transcription LP (5 min. EX Quality)
Hi Ho Silver Lining, I'm Losing You
(TRACKS 1 & 2)

Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Aynsley Dunbar:
 July 4, 1967 - 'Saturday Club' London, England BBC Radio off
 transcription LP (7 min. EX Quality) Rock My Plimsoul,
Tallyman (TRACKS 3 & 4)

Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Mickey Waller: Sept. 17, 1968 - 'Top Gear' London, England BBC Radio off transcription LP (6 min. EX Quality)
Rock My Plimsoul, Shapes of Things (TRACKS 5 & 6)

Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Mickey Waller,
Dave Ambrose: March 7, 1967 - 'Saturday Club' London, England
BBC Radio broadcast (15 min.) (Broadcast: 03/18/67)
I Ain't Superstitious*, Beck interview, Hi Ho Silver Lining,
 I'm Losing You, Let Me Love You, Stone Cold Crazy.
All EX quality except*,which is VG/EX quality. (TRACKS 7-12)

Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Aynsley Dunbar: July 4, 1967 - 'Saturday Club' London, England BBC Radio broadcast (11 min. EX Quality)(Broadcast 07/08/67)(This is the broadcast version, not transcription LP.)
Rock My Plimsoul, Tallyman (TRACKS 13-14)

Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Mickey Waller: Nov. 1, 1967 - 'Top Gear' London, England BBC Radio broadcast (16 min. EX- Quality)(Broadcast 11/05/67)
I Ain't Superstitious (w. cuts), Beck's Bolero,
You'll Never Get To Heaven, You Shook Me,
 Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
(TRACKS 15-19)

Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Mickey Waller: Sept. 17, 1968 - 'Top Gear' London, England BBC Radio broadcast (19 min. EX Quality))(Broadcast 09/29/68 & repeated 11/03/68)
You Shook Me, Rock My Plimsoul, Shapes of Things,
 Mother's Old Rice Pudding, Sweet Little Angel
(TRACKS 20-24) 




February 18, 2018

Cheap Trick - Kobe, Japan 1980

Cheap Trick live power in front of one of their most faithful audiences, the Japanese.
A show from August 19th 1980, just two 2 months before releasing the album All Shook Up. However no songs from that one are played.
It's from a soundboard source with low volume on the guitars but the drums and voice are very present.

Sound Quality: 9+

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01 - Opening
02 - Hello There
03 - Clock Strikes Ten
04 - I'll Be With You Tonight
05 - Southern Girls
06 - California Man
07 - Good Girl
08 - On Top Of The World
09 - Can't Hold On
10 - Everything Works If You Let It
11 - Gonna Raise Hell (cut out)
12 - Day Tripper (cut in)
13 - Voices
14 - Ain't That A Shame
15 - I Want You To Want Me
16 - Surrender
17 - Dream Police
18 - Hello There


February 16, 2018

Etta James LIVE 1991-07-05 .Lugano Switzerland

1991-07-05 .
Lugano  Switzerland

Great quality recording
The Great Etta in excellent form here
with a red hot band!

Set List

01 Hot Pasts Thang
02 All About My Girl
03 Feel Like Breakin' Somebody's Home
04 I'd Rather Go Blind
05 Damn Your Eyes
06 Come To Mama
07 Your Good Things
08 Something Got A hold On Me
09 You Can Leave Your Hat On
10 Runnin' & Hiding 


February 14, 2018

The Moody Blues - Poplar Creek, Chicago 1981

The Moody Blues live in Chicago on July 1981 during the Long Distance Voyager tour.
One of the dates they played at the Poplar Creek was recorded and syndicated to broadcast in the U.S.
Now it's also shared here.

Sound Quality: 9.5-

Source: Pre-FM (Vinyl)

Track List:
01 Intro
02 Gemini Dream
03 The Story In Your Eyes
04 Twilight Time
05 Tuesday Afternoon
06 The Voice
07 Nervous
08 Steppin' In A Slide Zone
09 Talking Out Of Turn
10 The Balance
11 Isn't Life Strange
12 Gypsy
13 Driftwood
14 22,000 Days
15 I'm Just a Singer (In a Rock and Roll Band)
16 Nights In White Satin
17 Legend Of A Mind
18 Question
19 Ride My See-Saw
20 Outro

FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2

February 12, 2018

DOUBLE DECKER LIVE Bellinzona Piazza Blues Festival 2005 Paul Lamb Pinetop Perkins

 Couple more of these great recordings!
 Bellinzona Piazza Blues  Festival   2005  

  Paul Lamb   


1 Intro, Sweetest Little Girl.mp3
02 Adopted Child.mp3
03 ¿.mp3
04 Money World.mp3
05 The Kingsnake Snack.mp3
06 Unknown.mp3
07 More Than Alright.mp3
08 Baby Please Don't Go.mp3
09 The Things I Used To Do.mp3
10 unknown.mp3
11 Whoopin'.mp3
12 Sweet Sweet Woman.mp3
13 unknown.mp3
14 Easy Rider Blues.mp3
15 Crazy For Me.mp3
16 Outro.mp3



 Pinetop Perkins


 01 You're The One.mp3
02 I'll Take Care Of You.mp3
03 I'm Ready.mp3
04 Mean Old Chicago.mp3
05 Not What You Said Last Night.mp3
06 Intro, Chicken Shack.mp3
07 How Long.mp3
08 Down In Mississippi.mp3
09 Come Back Baby.mp3
10 Just A Little Bit.mp3
11 Pinetop's Special.mp3
12 Got My Mojo Working.mp3
13 Outro.mp3



February 10, 2018

Pink Floyd - Orange Bowl, Miami (1987)

Pink Floyd live at the Orange Bowl, Miami, an outdoor performance with an attendance of around 55,000 people on November 1, 1987.
Their setlist included classic songs along with selections from the album A Momentary Lapse of Reason.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
CD 1
01. audience
02. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
03. Signs Of Life
04. Learning To Fly
05. Yet Another Movie / Round And Around
06. A New Machine (Part 1) / Terminal Frost / A New Machine (Part 2)
07. Sorrow
08. The Dogs Of War
09. On The Turning Away

CD 2
01. One Of These Days
02. Time
03. On The Run
04. Wish You Were Here
05. Welcome To The Machine
06. Us And Them
07. Money
08. Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)
09. Comfortably Numb
10. One Slip
11. Run Like Hell (Fades Out)

MP3 pt1
MP3 pt2
FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2

February 8, 2018

Little Feat LIVE 1978-07-08 Tokyo

Feats never fails me !
Editor's Comments:
This is a pretty clean FM broadcast recording  

Lowell George - guitar, vocals
Paul Barrére - guitar, vocals
Bill Payne - keyboards, vocals
Kenny Gradney - bass, vocals
Richie Hayward - drums, vocals
Sam Clayton - percussion, vocals

CD1 [71:14]
01 ..Skin It Back > (5:02) [fades in]
02 Fat Man in the Bathtub (5:05)
03 Walkin' All Night (4:07) //
04 Rock and Roll Doctor (4:04) //
05 Time Loves a Hero > (4:21)
06 Day or Night (6:25) //
07 Oh Atlanta (4:03) //
08 Day at the Dog Races ^ (12:21) //
09 All That You Dream (5:21)
10 Old Folks Boogie (3:52)
11 Dixie Chicken > (12:13)
12 Tripe Face Boogie (4:15) //

CD2 - Encore [17:51]
13 Willin' > band introduction > (4:21)
14 Don't Bogart That Joint > Willin' (1:40) //
15 Feats Don't Fail Me Now (8:15) //
16 Rocket in My Pocket (3:33)

^ Lowell George out



ZIPPY                    SOLIDFILES

February 6, 2018

Jack Bruce, Robin Trower and Gary Husband - Worpswede, Germany 2009

Jack Bruce, Robin Trower and Gary Husband, three great musicians with inumerous participations on diverse projects joined forces in 2008 and recorded the album Seven Moons.
A subsequent tour followed in the spring and summer of 2009 to promote the album and a live CD and DVD was released.
This is the broadcast recording of the concert at the MusicHall in Worpswede, Germany on March 2009.

Sound Quality: 9.5-

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
Disc 1
1. Seven Moons
2. Lives Of Clay
3. Distant Places Of The Heart
4. Sunshine Of Your Love
5. Carmen
6. She's Not The One
7. We're Going Wrong
8. So Far To Yesterday

Disc 2
1. Just Another Day
2. Perfect Place
3. Bad Case Of Celebrity
4. The Last Door
5. Come To me
6. I'm Home White Room
7. Politician
8. FM outro

MP3 pt1
MP3 pt2
FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2

February 4, 2018

DOUBLE DECKER: LIVE Bellinzona Piazza Blues Festival 2005 John Lee Hooker Jr Little Milton

Bellinzona Piazza Blues Festival 2005   

John Lee Hooker Jr 

01 Unknown.mp3
02 Intro.mp3
03 Goin' Down To Baghdad.mp3
04 Suspicious.mp3
05 Blues Ain't Nothing But A Pimp.mp3
06 Got My Mojo Working.mp3
07 Shut Your Mouth Baby.mp3
08 Unknown.mp3
09 Boom Boom.mp3
10 All Night Long.mp3
11 Unknown.mp3
12 Outro.mp3
13 Boogie Chillun.mp3



Little Milton 

 101 Bastard Son.mp3
102 Guess Who.mp3
103 Reconsider Baby.mp3
104 Still Some Meat Left On This Bone.mp3
105 Just One Moment.mp3
106 I Don't Believe In Ghosts.mp3
107 Catch You On Your Way Down.mp3
201 Shake, Rattle & Roll.mp3
202 I Can't Keep From Crying.mp3
203 The Blues Is Alright.mp3


  ZIPPY          SOLIDFILES   

February 2, 2018

Deep Purple - Finish In Finland (1993)

First, a warning: the sound was captured from the audience so don't expect too much.
Second, this was an historic performance since it was the last time Ritchie Blackmore played with Deep Purple which came as a surprise to the public the next day, although the band members already knew it two weeks ago. Read the full story at Highway Star, the Deep Purple news site.
It's a recording of the full concert, including encores, at Isshallen, Helsinki, Finland from November 17, 1993 and they were touring to promote The Battle Rages On...

Sound Quality: 8+

Source: Audience

Track List:
Disc 1:
01. Intro
02. Highway Star
03. Black Night
04. Talk About Love
05. A Twist In The Tale
06. Perfect Strangers
07. Difficult To Cure
08. Knocking At Your Back Door
09. Anyone's Daughter

Disc 2:
01. Child In Time
02. Anya
03. The Battle Rages On
04. Lazy
05. Space Truckin'
06. Woman From Tokyo / Paint It Black / Space Truckin'
07. Hush
08. Speed King
09. Smoke On The Water
10. Outro

MP3 pt1 - mirror
MP3 pt2 - mirror
FLAC pt1 - mirror
FLAC pt2 - mirror

January 31, 2018

William Clarke Blowin' my Harp 1998

Blowin' my Harp  1998
Bremen  Sept 28/1988

William Clarke was chiefly associated with the Chicago blues style of amplified harmonica, but also incorporated elements of jump blues, swing, and soul jazz into his playing. Clarke was a master of both cross and chromatic harmonica styles and many consider him among the blues harmonica greats.  Sound quality here is basically perfect!



January 28, 2018

Gregg Allman and Friends - Johnson City NY 2005

Gregg Allman, musician, songwriter and one of the greatest voices of rock'n'roll unfortunately was also one of the great ones that died on 2017.
On this post we go back to 2005 to find a nice concert of Gregg and friends at the Magic City Music Hall in Johnson City, NY.

Gregg Allman - Vocals, Guitar, Hammond B-3
Floyd Miles - Percussion
Neil Larson - Keyboards
Robben Ford - Guitar
Willie Weeks - Bass
Steve Potts - Drums
Jay Collins - Horns
Chris Karlic - Horns
Jim Seeley - Horns

Sound Quality: 9.5+

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01 Whipping Post
02 Demons
03 House of Blues
04 Ocean Awash The Gunwale
05 Samson and Delilah
06 Love the Poison
07 Slip Away
08 Multi-Colored Lady
09 Faces Without Names
10 Not Like I Been Hurt By You
11 Just Before the Bullets Fly
12 Melissa
13 Back to Daytona
14 Midnight Rider
15 I'm No Angel
16 Sweet Feeling
17 Statesboro Blues

FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2

January 26, 2018

Dr John LIVE Bellinzona Piazza Blues Festival 2005

Dr John    
 Bellinzona Piazza Blues  Festival   2005

I just came across   a 7 pack of 
Bellinzona Piazza Blues  Festival 
 high quality recording from 2005!
Let's kick this set with the Doctor himself!



101 Soulful Warrior
102 Thank You
103 Qualified
104 I Been Hoodoo
105 Cottonfields, Goodnight Irene
106 Hen Layin' Rooster

JAN 31/18

not sure whts up with the track..
plays fine here   opens up fine after zipping... dwl fine just now and opened!